Chaweng is definitely the place to party on Samui. There is a great selection of places to try on an evening, ranging from casual lounge bars to full-scale dance clubs. In the warm-up for a night on the town, a stroll along the main beach road offers plenty of European pubs and bars where you can grab a bite and a drink, watch world sports or just let the world go by.

If you prefer to sit on the beach for a sunset, any of the beachfront restaurants will happily serve drinks without dinner. But when the night goes in, most of it happens in the bars and clubs of Chaweng Beach Road, Soi Green Mango or Soi Reggae, where the Reggae Pub is located. The Green Mango offers a street scene characterized by an “all allowed” atmosphere, happy tourists and locals visiting the bars and dancing.

Located opposite Green Mango is Sweet Soul. A dark, sexy and unmissable Koh Samui dance club with an energetic and electric audience. Young people head to the central Sweet Soul bar for Samui’s infamous Sangsom whiskey buckets and something stronger than the Thai beer. The Sweet Soul side bar highlights the special offerings of nightly beverages, and the low-level entrance is a favorite spot where people watch the nightlife of downtown Koh Samui. The party spills out onto the street between Sweet Soul and Green Mango and continues into the night – a free-flowing space of hedonism and fun.

Green Mango Club is famous for its iconic tree house design, a large open space with multiple bars and spacious dance floors, reached via wooden bridges that pass over the Mango River. The rustic Green Mango design is inspired by the nature of the club’s island setting and is complimented by the latest sound systems, creative lighting and modern music to produce one of the world’s most distinctive nightclubs. Big screens, pool tables, give-aways, live shows and games keep you entertained between sessions on the dance floor. A variety of drinks offerings keep you going all night long.

Sound Pub is a great outdoor venue. The front bar plays hip-hop and Rn’B to a packed crowd, while the dance floor at the back has DJ’s spinning harder house Music. This is a really popular venue for the late night crowd and doesn’t really get started until after 1am when crammed with high energy revelers. Open 12-5.

REGGAE Pub offers a great alternative located at Chaweng Lake with live bands and D.Js playing the latest dance music. Soi Reggae boasts a wide range of beer bars where many girls shout out to passers-by. You can challenge the girls to a pool once and engage in stimulating conversation with the girls or just watch sports and enjoy a beer or two!

Welcome to Ark Bar Beach Resort that makes your lifelong dreams come true! Inhale the intoxicating fresh coastal air while being seduced by the soothing sounds of the gently breaking waves on Ark Bar’s enchanting 150 meter golden sandy beachfront. As the evening slowly settles over this tropical paradise, you also awaken all your “six” senses in any of our lively cosmopolitan restaurants and beach bars. It’s your time now! You, and only you, can decide whether to eat, drink and chill or groove, mingle and party to DJ’s latest live mix among like-minded travelers from around the world.

Bondi Aussie Bar & Grill has 2 locations, central Chaweng and central Lamai. Sometimes you need a break from eating Thai food every day and nothing beats a good old fashioned pub style lunch, dinner or even breakfast for that matter. Bondi Aussie serves some of the best pub food on the island, real burgers, massive steaks and the best parmigiana in town. They also serve a full range of beverages, from cocktails to imported Aussie beers and usual local specials. There is always something going on at both pubs where you can catch everything sports deliver and play on multiple HD flat screens around the pub. The pub is laid out and features a modern Aussie Pub, with a pool table space upstairs. In Lamai there is a massive outdoor beer garden up front. Live music and DJs come and play year-round, with weekly events a constant feature of the nightlife here. Great place to eat, drink and meet new friends!

Lamai Beach. Less than Chaweng, the scene at Lamai is a bit older with everything from the ubiquitous bars, discos, music venues, Thai dance, mud wrestling and weekly Thai lady boxing. (Very entertaining and free at bar conglomerate in East Lamai). If you don’t want to miss the major sporting events, then “The Outback Sports Bar & Restaurant” is the place to visit. They all show great sports and serve good Australian food and hospitality. When you want to hit your tracks in Lamai, it’s time to head to one of the four nightclubs on offer. While pounding beats and disco lights are common to all four, the musical styles range from techno to pop music – be prepared to hear the same tunes night after night – when Thais love a song they can’t get enough of it.

Lamai’s most famous type of watering hole, the slightly seedy go-go bars with their very friendly dancing bar girls. While not for everyone’s taste, both Lamai’s main streets have plenty of bars, usually consisting of a bar and a pole, both of which are danced by the lightly dressed ladies. Stroll down one of Lamai’s streets and you’ll soon be waved into a bar with both pretty girls and cheap beer.

Please note that Thai government policy affects opening hours and days at different locations, so before you plan your nightly entertainment, please see the information in the selected local locations. We regularly monitor the party scene here on Koh Samui and will try our best to keep you updated.